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Air quality has one of the most significant public health impacts on our communities. Especially during fire season, monitoring the local air quality and taking appropriate precautions is strongly recommended. Below are a number of resources that may be helpful in maintaining access to healthy air & understanding air pollution regulations. For live updates on air quality, visit CDPHE's interactive map.

Quality Control Regulations 

You can view the latest updates on Colorado's Air Quality Control Commission regulations in this resource.

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Pollution Control Records 

Air Pollution Control Division Records are available to search online in the following link.

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Air Quality Control Commission 

The Colorado Air Quality Control Commission was created to adopt a cost-effective and efficient air quality management program that promotes clean and healthy air for Colorado's citizens and visitors, protect Colorado's scenic and natural resources, and promote state-wide greenhouse gas pollution abatement.

You can visit their website by clicking the link below.

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Corporate Air Pollution 

Any business in Colorado that emits air pollution may be required to report its emissions and/or apply for a permit. Submitting an Air Pollutant Emissions Notice (APEN) is required to report your emissions, apply for a permit, or modify a permit.

For more information, click below.

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Lead Poisioning 

Lead in paint is a common issue with homes built before 1978 and can cause severe health issues, particularly in children.

Learn more about lead and its effects on your family in the link below.

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