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Language Justice

Language Justice is an approach that creates inclusive, multilingual spaces in which all languages are honored equally and speakers of different languages benefit from sharing with one another in the language they are most able to communicate in. 
Zoom’s interpretation capabilities have revolutionized online meetings. Now, in collaboration with our local language justice cooperatives, any Zoom meeting can have simultaneous interpretation with the click of a button!

Resources & Links

Language Justice in Colorado 

This piece explores language justice in Colorado and the efforts undertaken by The Colorado Trust.

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What this looks like in the Silver Thread Public Health District

The San Luis Valley Language Justice Cooperative offers a range of translation and simultaneous interpretation services in English, Spanish, and Q’anjob’al (Kanjobal). You can find more information here: or contact Diego Pons on: (719) 588-5186 –

For more information on community language cooperatives you can visit Denver’s Leading translation provider here:

If you would appreciate simultaneous interpretation for any of our public meetings please email us.

All of our pages are able to be translated with the click of a button using Google Translate's integrated web translation feature. For documents that require more skilled translation than Google's AI algorithm, we contract with the SLV Language Justice Coop.