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Our 5 Year Plan

Every five years, local public health agencies are required to update their local Public Health Improvement Plan (PHIP). A PHIP is the product of a community health assessment, which integrates quantitative data and qualitative data through feedback from community members and various partners to understand current top health issues in each county.

Silver Thread Public Health District is a member of two different regional partnerships, each of which takes on the task of developing and updating PHIPs as a region. This means the PHIP for each of our counties is part of the combined efforts of our regional partners’. Hinsdale County is part of the West Central Public Health Partnership(make that a link to WCPHP) and Mineral County is part of the San Luis Valley Public Health Partnership(make that a link to SLVPHP).

View Hinsdale 2024-2029 County Community Health Assessment

View Hinsdale 2024-2029 County PHIP

View Mineral County 2024-2029 Community Health Assessment (make this a link)

Mineral County 2024-2029 PHIP is in process of being developed and will be available within the months to come.