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Understanding Vaccine Breakthrough

Vaccine Breakthrough

A stylized illustration of a COVID-19 vaccine vial with various related doodles in the background.

What is it?

A vaccine breakthrough occurs when someone gets sick with a disease of which they are fully vaccinated against.

Why do some experience vaccine breakthrough?

Immune systems are unique to each individual therefore, everyone will respond differently to the virus and to the vaccine. Because of these variables, vaccines or natural immunity will never be 100% effective against a virus. While we would like to have a goal of 100% effectiveness, some individuals may become ill with the virus. What we do know about the COVID-19 vaccine is that most people who experience a vaccine breakthrough illness tend to have milder cases than those who are not vaccinated. Vaccine breakthrough has been documented in Hinsdale County.

Why should we still get vaccinated?

The goal of the vaccine is to minimize the impact of the disease and reduce community spread. The benefits of getting vaccinated far outweigh the risk of COVID-19 infection. With a vaccine effectiveness rate well in the 90%, it goes without saying the COVID-19 vaccine is doing what it needs to do, but there will be some vaccine breakthroughs. Getting vaccinated for COVID-19 remains our best defense against the virus.

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