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Graphic illustration of the monkeypox virus with text label.
An infographic from Colorado's health department about recognizing monkeypox symptoms: fever, headache, muscle aches, swollen lymph nodes, rash.

Due to increased availability, the Jynneos vaccine that protects against monkeypox is now available to a broader range of people who may be at risk. Currently, anyone, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, may receive the vaccine if they engage in certain high-risk sexual activities, are living with HIV or are eligible for HIV PrEP medications, or if they have been exposed to someone with monkeypox.

In the San Luis Valley, several vaccine providers have been approved to administer this vaccine. Of those, three currently have the vaccine on hand: Alamosa County Public Health (719) 589-6639, Costilla County Public Health (719) 672-3332, and Rio Grande Public Health (719) 657-3352. Call for an appointment if you think you may be eligible.

To date, there has been only one confirmed case of monkeypox in the San Luis Valley. The great majority of the 291 monkeypox cases in Colorado so far have been in the Denver metro area.

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